Hampshire mediation works with both employers and employees to resolve workplace disputes, some of which can include an element of bullying. Disputes in the workplace can be extremely traumatic for everyone involved. Left unchecked, the smallest disputes can balloon out of all proportion, poisoning the atmosphere in the workplace, causing mental and physical illness, and damaging the profitability and even the very existence of the company or organisation.

Mediation is a quick and effective means of addressing workplace disputes early and decisively, restoring efficiency and effectiveness to the organisation, and releasing the tension on the individuals and groups involved in the dispute. As mediation has an 85% success rate, and studies further indicate that an acceptable solution is far more conducive to re-establishing, or restoring good relationships, mediation is then ideally suited to workplace disagreements  if everyone has to return to the same workplace at the conclusion of the mediation.

 Hampshire Mediation can be effective in helping organisations to address all manner of disputes including:

  • Disputes between individual members of staff
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Disputes between individual members of the management team
  • Disputes between management and staff over pay and conditions
  • Disagreements over employment contracts
  • Disagreements over working conditions
  • Change Management

One key irritant in many workplaces is change. Change introduces uncertainty and can make even the most accepting and cooperative people feel anxious and uncertain. Hampshire Mediation can also help your company manage change by bringing together all members of staff that are affected by change and finding a way to implement change that is understood by and acceptable to all parties.

Mediation of workplace bullying is a specialised area of workplace mediation.  Bullying in the workplace can be terribly damaging not only to the individuals experiencing it, but also to other employees and staff who are aware it is going on.  It is often a matter of perception and realisation, and it is not uncommon for the alleged perpetrator to be mystified that their behaviour should cause a problem. In the long run, this is not only a problem to individuals, but also to companies’ performance and profitability.

Because bullying involves an element of intimidation and often the victim feels fearful about entering into mediation, Hampshire Mediation will perform a mediation where the person accused of bullying is not initially in the same room as the person who is alleging they are being bullied.  If it is appropriate, at some stage later in the mediation, the two parties may come into the same room, but this is not always necessary and the aim of mediation is to keep every participant feeling as comfortable as possible.

By working together with everyone involved, Hampshire Mediation is able to offer long term and effective solutions to workplace bullying, restoring harmony and efficiency to the workplace.

The terms and conditions for workplace mediation can be found here.